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बजट 2021 लाइव अपडेट: एफएम निर्मला सीतारमण ने नए कृषि विकास उपकर की घोषणा की

Budget 2021 Live Updates:


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केंद्रीय बजट 2021 इंडिया लाइव, एफएम निर्मला सीतारमण भाषण लाइव अपडेट: वित्त मंत्री ने अपने बजट 2021 के भाषण में कोविद -19 वैक्सीन विकास पर 35,000 करोड़ रुपये के साथ स्वास्थ्य पर खर्च में वृद्धि के साथ कराधान सुधारों की घोषणा की। सीतारमण ने आज जो घोषणा की, उस पर प्रकाश डालने के लिए हमारा लाइव ब्लॉग पढ़ें।

बजट 2021 लाइव अपडेट | राजकोषीय घाटा जीडीपी के 9.5% पर आ गया

सुश्री सीतारमण कहती हैं, मेरे भाषण के भाग A के इन अंतिम कुछ पैराग्राफों में, मैं इस सदन का ध्यान इस तथ्य की ओर आकर्षित करती हूं कि इस वित्तीय वर्ष की शुरुआत में, महामारी ने कमजोर राजस्व प्रवाह पैदा किया।

कई अन्य देशों के विपरीत, हमने महामारी के दौरान मध्यम आकार के पैकेजों की एक श्रृंखला का विकल्प चुना ताकि हम स्थिति के अनुसार अपनी प्रतिक्रिया को कैलिब्रेट कर सकें।

एक बार जब स्वास्थ्य की स्थिति स्थिर हो गई, तो हमने मांग को धक्का देने के लिए स्विच किया।

राजकोषीय घाटा जीडीपी के 9.5% पर आंका गया है। हमने इसे सरकार के उधार, बहुपक्षीय कोष और अल्पकालिक उधार के माध्यम से वित्त पोषित किया है। हमें दूसरे 80,000 करोड़ रुपये की जरूरत है जिसके लिए हम अगले दो महीनों में बाजार का रुख करेंगे।

2021-22 के लिए, हम जीडीपी के 6.8% के राजकोषीय घाटे का अनुमान लगा रहे हैं। अगले साल बाजार से सकल उधारी 12 लाख रुपये कोर होने की उम्मीद है।

Budget 2021 LIVE updates: Key developments

  • "To give a further boost to digital transactions, I earmark 1,500 crore for a proposed scheme that will provide financial incentive to promote digital mode of payment," the minister said while presenting the Budget for 2021-22.
  • I-T return forms to now be pre-filled with Capital Gains and Bank Interest details: FM.
  • The FM proposes extension of tax holiday for start-ups by one more year.
  • Govt proposes to make income tax appellate tribunals faceless; to set up national income tax appellate tribunal centre: FM.
  • Exemption from tax audit limit doubled to 10 cr turnover for companies doing most of their business through digital modes: FM.
  • Advance tax liability on dividend income shall arise only after payment of dividend: FM.
  • Dividend payment by REITs and InvITs not subject to TDS: FM.
  • Sitharaman announces tax holiday for aircraft leasing business in Gift city.
  • Government to provide tax exemption for relocating funds to IFSC.
  • Income tax return filers increased to 6.48 cr in 2020 from 3.31 cr in 2014: FM.
  • FM announces tax exemption for rental housing projects.
  • Government to notify rules to eliminate double tax for NRIs on foreign retirement funds.
  • World is facing serious challenge of pandemic and its after shocks: FM.
  • Dispute resolution scheme for small taxpayers through special committee: FM.
  • Time limit for reopening tax returns reduced to 3 years, from present 6. Even in serious fraud, only if tax concealed has evidence of over 50 lakh, can the term go beyond: FM
  • Senior citizens above 75 yrs of age with only pension income exempted from filing tax returns: FM.
  • FM allocates 3,726 cr for forthcoming Census which will be the first digital census.
  • Govt proposes to introduce National Nursing and Midwifery Commission Bill.
  • We need 80,000 crore from the markets in last two months of FY21: FM.
  • Govt needs 12 lakh crore in gross borrowings: FM.
  • Fiscal deficit for FY22 pegged at 6.8%: FM.
  • Fiscal deficit for FY21 pegged at 9.5%: FM.
  • Maintained quality of expenditure: FM.
  • Govt proposes national language translation initiative.
  • Govt proposes deep ocean mission with outlay of more than 4,000 cr over five years: FM.
  • 1,000 crore to be provided for welfare of tea workers: FM.
  • Union Budget 2021 live: "Discoms are monopolies. There is a need to provide a choice to customers to choose service provider (distribution company). A framework will be put in place to provide an alternative," said Sitharaman in her Budget speech in the Lok Sabha.
  • 69 crore beneficiaries or 86% covered under one-nation, one-ration, says the Finance Minister.
  • 43.36 lakh wheat-growing farmers benefited from govt procurement under MSP as against 35.57 lakh previously: FM.
  • Farmers paid 75,100 cr on wheat MSP in FY21: FM.
  • Social security benefits to be extended to gig and platform workers for the first time. Minimum wages will apply to all categories of workers: FM.
  • Agri procurement has increased steadily, benefiting farmers, says FM amid opposition slogan shouting against three farm laws.
  • Govt committed to welfare of farmers, says FM Sitharaman.
  • Barring four strategic areas, PSUs in other sectors will be divested, says FM announcing new disinvestment policy.
  • Agriculture credit target at 16.5 lakh crore: FM.
  • "In 2021-22 we would also bring the IPO of LIC for which I am bringing the requisite amendments in this session itself," Nirmala Sitharaman says.
  • Government allots 20,000 crore for bank recapitalisation: FM.
  • FDI in insurance increased to 74 pc from 49 pc: FM.
  • Govt proposes investor charter across financial products: FM.
  • Scheme for promoting flagging of merchant ships in India will be launched by providing subsidy support: FM.
  • Govt proposes to launch hydrogen energy mission next fiscal for generating hydrogen from green power sources: FM.
  • The government on Monday announced the Jal Jeevan mission with an outlay of 2.87 lakh crore for 4,378 urban local bodies.
  • Centre to provide 18,000 crore for public buses, announces FM Nirmala Sithraman.
  • City gas distribution network of providing CNG to automobiles and piped cooking gas to households in 100 more districts: FM.
  • Fuel supplies were kept running without interruption during Covid-19 lockdown: FM
  • For a 5-trillion dollar economy, our manufacturing sector has to grow in double digits on a sustained basis. Our manufacturing companies need to become an integral part of global supply chains: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
  • FM announces 7 port projects worth more than 2,000 cr via PPA mode.
  • Pipelines of GAIL (India) Ltd, Indian Oil Corp (IOC) and HPCL will be monetised: FM.
  • Framework will be put in place to allow electricity consumers to choose from more than one distribution company: FM.
  • Finance Minister says 100 pc electrification of broad gauge rail tracks by December 2023.
  • Ujjwala Scheme will be extended to cover 1 cr more beneficiaries. Will add 100 more districts in the next 3 years for city gas distribution: FM
  • Nifty climbs above 13,800 as FM Nirmala Sitharaman presents Union Budget 2021. Sensex up 700-points.
  • NHAI has sponsored one InVit to attract investors. Thus 5 operational roads with 5,000 crore value being transferred to NHAI InVit. NHAI operational roll roads are to be monetised: FM.
  • Meanwhile, Railways will monetise dedicated freight corridor after commissioning. The next lot of airports will also be monetised for operations and management. AAI airports in tier-2,3 cities and other railway assets are to be monetised: FM.
  • Indian Railways has prepared a national railways plan by 2030. It will bring down the logistics cost: FM Sitharaman.
  • National Infrastructure Pipeline has been expanded to 7,400 projects. Futher, projects worth 1.1 lakh crore have been completed under the National Infra Pipeline. We will also introduce bill to set up DFI providing 20,000 crore to launch the National Asset Monetisation Pipeline to fund new infra projects: FM Sitharaman.
  • Highway infra work proposed include building 8,500-km of highways by March 2022.

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