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Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 11 The Proposal


The Proposal Chapter 11 MCQs, Class 10 English First Flight book

Q1- Who is the writer of the play "The Proposal"?

A) Robert Frost
B) Anton Chekov
C) Carolyn Wells
D) Robin Klein


Q2- What request did Chubukov think Lomov would make?

A) ask for her daughter's hand in marriage
B) borrow money
C) borrow land
D) all of the above


Q3- Why was Lomov wearing his evening dress?

A) to pay New Year Eve's visit
B) ask for his daughter's hand in marriage
C) borrow money
D) borrow land


Q4- Who does Chubukov call a "lovesick cat"?

A) Lomov
B) himself
C) his maid
D) Natalya


Q5- " And it’s impossible for me not to marry". Why does he say so?

A) He's 35 already
B) He suffer from palpitations
C) He has troubled sleep
D) All of the above


Q6- Where do Lomov and Natalya get on the wrong foot?

A) While talking about the weather
B) While talking about their land
C) While talking about their family relations
D) While the proposal


Q7- Which land were they fighting about?

A) Oxen Meadows
B) Birchwoods
C) Burnt Marsh
D) All of the above

Q8- What is Lomov's side of justification about the land?

A) their land extended till Burnt Marsh
B) his grandmother always talked about it
C) his grandmother gave it to her great grandfather's peasants
D) both 1 and 2


Q9- Why was Natalya arguing about the land?

A) she can't stand unfairness
B) it was worth a lot
C) she was jealous of Lomov
D) All of the above


Q10- What explanation did Lomov give for his shouting?

A) his frustration
B) his short temper
C) his palpitations
D) he can't stand unfairness


Q11- What did Chubukov had to say about the land?

A) they were his
B) They were Lomov's
C) they were still disputed
D) they belong to none of them


Q12- Who threatened to take the matter to court?

A) Natalya
B) Lomov
C) Chubukov
D) None


Q13- How did Natalya react when her father told Lomov was here to propose her?

A) she gets angry
B) she sends her father to get him
C) she's amazed
D) both 2 and 3

Q14- Why did Chubukov think it was a curse to be a father of a grown up daughter?

A) he had to go to call the man they had just shun out
B) he had to go to call the man who insulted them
C) he had to go call tthe man who shouted at them
D) All of the above


Q15- What was the topic of the second arguement?

A) the land
B) the proposal
C) the dogs
D) none


Q16- When does Natalya accept the proposal?

A) when Lomov went unconscious
B) when they finished arguing
C) when he proposed her
D) when Lomov came back in


Q17- What do they argue about after holding each other's hands?

A) dogs
B) land
C) marriage venue
D) the cuisine

Q18- How are the Lomovs and Chubukovs related?

A) friends
B) cousins
C) neighbours
D) business associates


Q19- What had Natalya been doing when Lomov called for her?

A) cleaning the house
B) washing clothes
C) shelling peas
D) cooking food


Q20- What did Natalya offer Lomov?

A) tea
B) brakfast
C) coffee
D) lunch

Q21- The play is set in which country?

A) India
B) France
C) Russia
D) Japan


Q22- What is the name of Lomov's dog?

A) Guess
B) Guard
C) Squeezer
D) Sweater


Q23- According to Lomov, what amount would be good enough for buying squeezer?

A) 60 Roubles
B) 35 Roubles
C) 25 Roubles
D) 40 Roubles


Q24- According to Lomov, what defect does squeezer have?

A) lame
B) old age
C) overshot
D) fat


Q25- What defect does guess have?

A) lame
B) old age
C) short in the muzzle
D) all of them































































NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 11 THE PROPOSAL

Thinking About the Play
(Page 157)

Question 1.
What does Chubukov at first suspect that Lomov has come for? Is he sincere when he later says ‘And I’ve always loved you, my angel, as if you were my own son”? Find reasons for your answer from the play.
At first Chubukov suspected that Lomov had come to borrow money as he was in his evening dress. He was not sincere when he told Lomov that he had always loved him and that he was like his own son, because he had decided to not give any money to Lomov. It was only when Lomov asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage that his attitude changed and he rushed out to call his daughter, Natalya.

Question 2.
Chubukov says of Natalya: “……. as if she won’t consent! She’s in love; egad, she’s like a lovesick cat……” Would you agree? Find reasons for your answer.
Yes, Natalya is in love. This is clear by the way she behaves when she gets to know that Lomov came to propose to her. She starts weeping and asks her father to bring Lomov at once.

Question 3.
1. Find all the words and expressions in the play that the characters use to speak about each other, and the accusations and insults they hurl at each other. (For example, Lomov in the end calls Chubukov an intriguer; but earlier,Chubukov has himself called Lomov a “malicious, doublefaced intriguer.” Again, Lomov begins by describing Natalya as “an excellent housekeeper, not bad-looking, well-educated.”)
2. Then think of five adjectives or adjectival expressions of your own to describe each character in the play.
3. Can you now imagine what these characters will quarrel about next?
The words and expressions that have been used to describe each other by various characters of the play are Chubukov: intriguer, grabber, old rat Natalya: a lovesick cat, an excellent housekeeper, not bad-looking’ well-educated. Lomov: a good neighbour, impudent, pettifogger, malicious, double faced intriguer, rascal, blind hen, turnip ghost, a villian, scare crow, stuffed sausage, etc.

Thinking About the Language
(Page 157)

Question I.
1. This play has been translated in English from the Russian original. Are there any expressions or ways of speaking that strike you as more – Russian than English?
For example would an adult man be addressed by an older man as my darling or my treasure in an English play?
Expressions not used in contemporary English are- my angel, my beloved, my beauty (Here these expressions, are used for an adult man) and ‘all that sort of thing’ (not explaining what it is just leaving it as it is) and ‘how may you be getting on’? reported speech

2. You must have noticed that when we report someone’s exact words, we have to make some changes in the sentence structure. In the following sentences fill in the blanks to list the changes that have occurred in the above pairs of sentences. One has been done for you.

  1. To report a question, we use the reporting verb asked (as in sentence set 1).
  2. To report a declaration, we use the reporting verb
  3. The adverb of place here changes to _____
  4. When the verb in the direct speech is in the present tense, the verb in reported speech is in the tense (as in sentence set 3).
  5. If the Verb in direct speech is in the present continuous tense, the verb in reported speech changes to ____ tense. For example, ____ changes to was getting.
  6. When the sentence in direct speech contains a word denoting respect, we add the adverb ____ in the reporting clause (as in sentence set 1)
  7. The pronouns I, me, our and mine, which are used in the first person in direct speech, change to third person pronouns to such as _____ or ____ in reported speech.

2. declared
3. there
4. past
5. past continuous, is getting
6. respectfully
7. he, him, their or his

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