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Hina Khan beats Corona, shares her heart with fans, watch video

 Hina Khan came live and gave information about her health, said my corona report is negative. The actress also thanked the fans. During this session, he shared his heart with his fans.

हिना खान ने दी कोरोना को मात, शेयर की फैंस से अपने दिल की बात, देखें Video

The corona report of the well-known actress Hina Khan has now come negative. He has given information about this to the fans live. He spoke on many other issues with his fans in this live session. He shared his good and bad experiences with his fans. At the same time, the actress also thanked the loved ones. During this session, he shared his heart's talk with his fans.
At the same time, the actress also said that "After requesting the makers, the release date of their recently released song was extended, but now according to the rules, the release date cannot be extended. So this song will be released on the occasion of Eid." We hope that you will love this song. "

Hina Khan on Wednesday interacted with her fans during a live session on Instagram. He was the first to give information about his health and said that "My corona report has come negative, but as of now I am not completely healthy". Further, he talked about his recently released song PATTHAR WARGI. The teaser of this music video was released on Wednesday. On which the fans lavished love. Hina thanked the fans for their love and support in this difficult time. Please tell that in this music video, Hina has worked with Tanmay Singh and B Prak. The first look of this album was shared. In which Hina was seen in cool style.

The actress further said that "she did not notice when she returned from Sri Nagar due to which she got corona infected, but she is happy that the reports of her family have come negative. She is facing a lot of weakness when she is corona positive." She said that during this time she has become very weak, so she could not even keep fasting. " At the same time, in this session, a user asked them to remain strong, to which the actress said, "Yes, she is Daddy's strong girl. She was wearing her father's T-shirt. She said that she is everywhere with me. She is with me." . "

हिना आगे कहती हैं कि "इस चुनौती भरे समय में आपका प्यार बना रहा. जिनसे उम्मीद थी उन्होंने तो साथ दिया ही, लेकिन जिनसे  कोई उम्मीद नहीं थी उन्होंने भी मेरा बहुत ख्याल रखा. मेरा और  मेरे परिवार का हाल चाल लगातार लिया." 

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